I want to use my database and story to grow EXISTING community groups (or help create new ones) by attending and promoting them. Invite me

Exact event details are yet to be confirmed

Invite me to an event OR let’s organise one together.


CHD conference – Rise and Resist

Hello USA,I'm happy to announce that I'm hitting your shores in early November to attend and speak at the CHD conference - Rise and Resist.There are still spots left and I hope to […]


I am on the lookout for invitations, suggestions, ideas, or venues for me to visit around Europe. If you keep updated on any of my social medias, you’ll know where I am and where I’m going. I intent to grow existing groups or assist in creating new ones using my profile and database.

1. The types of people I’d like to network with

2. Events I’d like to be invited to;


Monica is reaching out to you for help planning, suggestions, ideas or inivations.