ATTN Queensland – Want to be a council candidate?


Councils can implement actual change in your community. They can help to combat cancel-culture and even reject rate rises. Why not give it a go?

I have done some preliminary research on how to apply and what is involved. You’ll need to read and research yourself of course.

Here’s the basics;

  1. Applying costs $250. Also consider that you’ll need to pay for marketing, how-to-vote cards, and a few other things. You can fundraise for these costs.
  2. Make sure you’re enrolled to vote in your Local Government Area (LGA)
  3. Log in or register to the ‘candidate portal’ here. Everything you’ll need is there.
  4. Print out an application form (found here under the heading ‘nominating as a candidate’). If running as an independent, you’ll need SIX nominations from people in your LGA who are also enrolled to vote. There are two application types…
    • For Candidates NOT Endorsed by a Registered Political Party – see here
    • For Candidates Endorsed by a Registered Political Party -see here
  5. Every LGA has a Returning Officer (RO) who helps you manage your application and gives ongoing support. You can find your RO here
  6. You must complete the free 90-min training which can be found here
  7. Familiarise yourself with the rules and processes around fundraising, campaigning, and so forth.

I am working with a team to hopefully be able to support you with marketing and campaigning. It’s very new and not ready yet so I cannot promise a specific amount of help…but I can promise there will be some help.

Email me at to let me know if you’ve applied to be a candidate and I will help you directly from there.

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