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Customisable Faraday Bags

These are the first ever faraday bags with text on them. You can choose one of our messages here or create your own. When youโ€™re in public, be sure to place them text-up on the table because theyโ€™re a great conversation starter


Enter a maximum of 40 characters for the FRONT
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Consider this a PRE-order. Please be patient, this is a new project, so we haven’t bought a lot of stock.


CONSIDER THIS A PRE-ORDER โ€“ This is a new project; every bag is handmade and shipped.ย ย ETA will depend on demand and where weโ€™re shipping to. Please be patient.

This high-quality custom Faraday bag has 3 basic functions: Anti-radiation, anti-degaussing, and anti-signal.

Anti-radiation:ย Put your phone in here to give your body a break from the radiation your phone omits.

Anti-signal: No tracking or audio security issues whatsoever. All signal is instantly cut.

Anti-degaussing: Credit cards and ID cards are safe in a Faraday bag.

Colours: Black, blue, pink, orange, red and purple.

Dimensions:ย 19*10cm

Structure: Suitable for 6.5 inches and within mobile phones

Inner: Nano-shielded fiber

Package Included: Anti-radiation shielding bag x 1

Notes: Real colour may be slightly different from pictures due to computer screens, resolution, brightness, contrast etc.

Additional information

Weight.054 kg
Dimensions23.5 × 12.5 × 1 cm

Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red