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Cell 22

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Back blurb

Founder of Reignite Democracy Australia, Monica Smit, became a well-known activist during the COVID era. She spoke out against the government’s handling of the pandemic and her political stance and human rights advocacy saw her arrested and imprisoned in solitary confinement for 22 days.

But Monica wasn’t always a strong, outspoken activist. In fact, it was only through a long journey of shameful mistakes and personal suffering that she became a woman of conviction, and a person who dared stand up and fight for justice.

Monica’s tell-all expose is a real, raw, and courageous account of how a former party girl became a political prisoner during the world’s longest and harshest lockdowns and what she learnt about life and humanity along the way.

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35 reviews for Cell 22

  1. Avatar

    Sandy (verified owner)

    Not really a big fan of reading any books, however, I was so interested, & just had to buy & read yours Monica Cell 22. Found it very enjoyable, & a pleasant read with many surprises that I was not aware of in your life. You went through a lot of emotional events which has made you the wonderful brave & courageous person you are today. And still Fighting the good fight! Well done Monica.
    Meet you in person recently at one of your events, and was very impressed of how lovely & caring you are as we cuddle & took a snap shot for my memories 🥰

  2. Avatar

    Melinda Jane Rau Wig (verified owner)

    Took my time to read your book (after initially buying early on) because I wasn’t ready to absorb too many more of the details. I’d put them (the details) on hold because there was much else requiring my attention. Like many others, my church disowned me, my family wouldn’t let me visit & the harassment from police, so called authority officers & the medical field was ongoing. However, GOD is GOOD and Monica we know He sent His ONLY Son Jesus who then gave us the most important Gifts of All His Holy Spirit & Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Perseverance, Courage and Reverence for the Lord & you, Monica demonstrated those gifts in abudance. They (those God given Gifts) were the Catalyst that ignited Victoria, then Australia and now the World. Well Done Good & Faithful Servant. Your book clearly shows how we as locked up Victorians rose from the ashes and are stronger, so much more resilient and are such a blessing to others. God Bless You You continue to encourage All who were and still are affected to live by The Fruit of the Spirit Love, Hope, Joy, Generosity, Peace (blessed peace) Kindness and Faith in the ONLY one who Saves Jesus Our Lord. Love your work, and your Mum’s story at the end was like reading my own sad family’s history (my mother, my sister and my aunt) Forgiveness is the key otherwise Bitterness is the fruit. Keep Going Precious Sister in Christ cannot wait to read The Sequel.

  3. Avatar

    H in Sydney (verified owner)

    I’d recommend this book to anyone.
    Initially, I purchased this book as a gesture of support to the author for being such a constructive and empowering public figure exposing government overreach and tyranny. Only recently have I made the time to read it and I’m feeling a sense of gratitude for all of her endeavors and achievements thus far.
    After reading this offering we get an idea of what tyranny looks like from the experience of a political prisoner. Unexpectedly she shares further life experience that has shaped the woman she is today. Able, present, sensitive, willing, inclusive and vulnerable (and so much more).
    She writes with a pure honesty and truth that is indeed an example of how one can gain a sense of understanding and healing from the exercise of expressing vulnerability to others. By her choosing to express that vulnerability in such a public space, she allows the reader to share in the enriching empowerment of that exercise. Consequently, going forward I see this book as a resource for my family to serve as a guide for why we celebrate all of our values, and why we make the time to listen to what is alive in those nearest and dearest to us.
    This book reinforces the need to always live in the moment and at the same time stand in one’s own truth. Additionally, to trust into the quiet knowing of our intuitive intelligence, and let love guide us in all matters.

  4. Avatar

    mary davis

    This is the most interesting book I have ever read. We are all so thankful at what you are doing for this country and the cause. You sat next to me in Church on your father’s knee when you were a few months old.

    • Avatar

      Monica Smit (verified owner)

      Aw my Dad got emotional when I showed him your comment. THANK YOU

  5. Avatar

    Ueli Nicolini (verified owner)

    Dear Monica

    I just finished to read your book.
    Since English is not my native language, it took my quite some time to work trough some unknown vocabulary. Thanks to a translate app, I could learn a number of new words.
    I’m very impressed how you made the best out of your time in the cell to start with the book and how open you write about the party girl time and the bad experiences you went trough. No point or “secret” has ben left away, thank you for this. Furthermore, I found it very interesting to read the comments of your mother, and not surprisingly that she did experience similar dark parts in life. Just hope, that you are aware about it, since very often this is past on from one generation to the next. Your mother wrote about the EES (Energy Enhancement System) leading to phenomenal results, great to read this.
    I’m also following your Telegram channel and always pleased to read about your latest news.

    Take care and all the best from Switzerland

  6. Avatar

    Mark Grant (verified owner)

    This book started as I expected a simple autobiography would but quickly and surprisingly plunged me into questioning and regretting my own choices and actions in life. A few chapters passed with me mired in my own introspection and we were back on the expected track. We are taken on a journey through a strange time . I wonder how our history will be written but as history always goes to the victor I dont expect a fare telling of the Rona years.
    Despite having many devoutly religious friends, the many religious references leave me a little blank having been a lifelong atheist brought up by half arsed communists.
    The book closes with some very profound writing from Monica’s Mother which once again plunged me into introspection and assessment of the abuses I suffered as a small child.
    I want to know more about the real estate dealings Monica did so well from. Im sure there is much to learn there.
    This book could be a light and easy read or a horror story, depending on the person reading it. This is a far from simple book written around a rather complex time.

    • Avatar

      Monica Smit (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for your comment! The realestate stuff was pretty basic; buy blocks of land in the first couple of stages ages before settlement. Then sell it before settlement and pocket the difference 🙂 Private email me if you want more info.

  7. Avatar

    Christine Turner (verified owner)

    It was the strength shown by Monica and other Freedom fighters throughout the protests that inspired me to attend protests in Melbourne and Canberra. I fully admire the bravery of Monica to share her life story with us. Despite being imprisoned for no reason, Monica continues to find the strength to encourage people to stand up for what is right.

  8. Avatar

    Susan (verified owner)

    As I read her account, I felt a rollercoaster of emotions shock, sadness, empathy, admiration, and ultimately, empowerment. She doesn’t just tell one story, but two stories.

    One is an incredible account of her bravery, resilience, and the unyielding power of staying strong and true to her convictions. The other is the story of a vulnerable child, wounded and on a road to self destruction. This is the story that many girls and women both young and old will identify with. I’m so proud that she doesn’t play the victim card, but shares how she let go of the regret and shame and ultimately embrace the forgiveness of God. From then on, each trial and hardship became an opportunity to grow stronger, more resolute and confident in her calling. I’m sure this is foundational of her being so strong during Covidmania and in the confines of Cell 22.

    Ultimately, Monica’s story is an inspiration for all who dare to turn adversity into triumph.

    “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.” James 1:12

    • Avatar

      Monica Smit (verified owner)

      Your review is amazing and very well written..thank you !

  9. Avatar

    Gil Deane (verified owner)

    In true grit style of a brave Freedom Fighter, Monica’s book is a tell all of her life from a young age. Her shocking experiences perhaps explain why such strength of character and tenacity became a signature trait of Monica’s life in recent times. The inner strength displayed by Monica in the stand against oppression, without fear of the consequences, could only have been built by harnessing past hardships as a building block to greatness rather than defeat.
    As a result of writing about her life’s story to set the scene, and I suspect wittingly, she cancels any chance of mudslinging by those who still want to bring her down. It’s all in the open. Monica uses Cell 22 to not only highlight the tyranny experienced in Australia over the past 4 years, but reminds us of the hideous and often unspoken subject of child abuse.
    Cell 22 displays compassion and thoughtful advice for victims who often are afraid to speak out against family members or family friends who perpetrate these horrendous acts by deceiving those they should love. This is a sad reflection on our society which now appears to be more prevalent that once thought.
    Monica started Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) when it became obvious to her that our, so called, governments were in fact working against all Australians in the worst ways possible. RDA quickly became a well established organisation with grass root activities in local communities with thousands of people joining the fight against oppressive government around the country, and indeed, around the world.
    To end up in prison in solitary confinement on trumped up charges (which were subsequently dropped by police) for 22 days shows Monica’s immense tenacity when it comes to standing for our rights and protecting freedoms. Cell 22 is an exposé of how police used aggressive military style tactics as the government’s private security force for Dictator Dan. Totalitarian in nature, no one in Australian could have imagined such divisive and evil tactics would occur in our country even just 5 years ago before this tyrannical plan rolled out across the country and around the world.
    If you are feeling a deep sense of loss or grief suffered either as a result of child abuse or an awareness of the overwhelming lies and deception being thrust upon us by tyrannical government, this book may help you navigate the challenges ahead in a world of insidious evil permeating just about every aspect of the society we live in.
    I’m thankful that for Monica’s brave stand and for writing Cell 22 as a true record of political events over the last few years. They say winners write history books. I hope and pray that what ever happens that this book will join with so many others to shine a light on this dark time in our world and that truth will prevail, it always does.

  10. Avatar

    Geoff Ward

    After attending the largest rally Australias ever had, the freedom rally in Canberra, where I met quite a few like minded fighters, I was taken by listening to a certain young woman who spoke with amazing clarity. That lady was Monica Smit who’s story has now been put in print.
    To anyone out there that thinks they have freedom to do what they like in this country I defy them to read her book and come away still with the same belief!
    I recently met her & her devoted Dad on our recent holiday in Far Nth Qld where Monica was holding many talks with like minded freedom fighters, many of whom also were harassed and arrested by police enforcing the illegal mandates the Governments stated were Laws (no one has ever had their fines upheld in any Courts…every fine & arrest has been thrown out or the police have ceased court action prior to them getting to court!).
    These meet & greet meetings were held in lots of very small towns and some bigger cities and attracted hundreds of attendees. I can assure anyone that there is a growing movement of Freedom Fighters throughout this country!
    After reading her book, written mostly while she was in jail in Victoria, I’m completely godsmacked at the life this woman has led and the emotional journey she’s had up to this stage of her somewhat short life.
    In my opinion every young girl woman should take a break and read this book….it’ll certainly strike a cord with many out there!!!

  11. Avatar

    Kelly Lojen

    It takes me forever to read books these days, due family, work commitments etc but I cant put this down.
    So Raw and Honest, very surprising.
    Monicas book offers hope through truth.
    Well done.
    Oh and I love the resources at the end if the pages.

  12. Avatar

    Nicole (verified owner)

    It was an honour to purchase this book and support Monica. Her powerful testimony showed how determination and sheer grit can create a movement. Monica’s brutal honesty was inspiring because so many of us have been in her shoes. Keep up your amazing work!

  13. Avatar

    Jodi (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure what to expect but I found this book to be better! I found it to be very open and vulnerable and at the same time challenging yet easy to read. I’m sorry you went through what you went through, but thanks for writing down your thoughts and giving us the reader an insight into your life, and the challenge to reflect on our own lives.

  14. Avatar

    Jackson Moon O.H.B. (verified owner)

    I first met Monica in August 2022, at the Melbourne premiere of the award winning Topher Field documentary ‘Battleground Melbourne’.

    Monica comes across as “outside the box”, and they’re my type of people. Rational thinkers, observant, eyes up and forward, aware. I enjoyed our chat and managed a photo opp. Happy Jack, and now onto the book.

    “Cell 22” both inspired and disgusted me. Inspired because Monica Smit was pursued and intimidated by a tyrant Premier, his corrupt government and high ranking Victoria Police.

    Disgusted in that she spent 22 days in jail in solitary confinement, for no crime other than causing the then Premier and his lame CHO to bed wet. Dan Andrews and Brett Sutton are weak tyrants. Together, they abused every human rights law and protection afforded to us by the Australian Constitution.

    Police Command could have refused to carry out orders that were clearly in violation of our constitutional and human rights. Instead, they failed to hold the Premier and his CHO accountable, which cost VicPol dearly in terms of reputation and membership. Meanwhile, the compliant media cheered them on.

    With courage and conviction, Monica took them on, and triumphed.

    If you supported the Andrews Government’s lockdowns, vaccine mandates, and authoritarian and brutal subjugation, and you had negative feelings towards anti lockdown protesters, this book is for you. You need to read ‘Cell 22’.

    Smit is a surprisingly open person. ‘Brutally honest’ may be cliche, but nonetheless, accurately describes her. Some of Smit’s admissions may shock both her detractors and her supporters. Let’s just say she’s had a colourful and eventful life.

    The ‘Monica Smit’ as portrayed in the mainstream media is not the real Monica. Rather, she is a well traveled, learned, compassionate woman who is also intelligent, flawed, vulnerable, obstinate, violated, observant, and a formidable opponent.

    Take a breath and recall that she defeated the Andrews Government, Victoria Police, and at times, a hostile media. Here is a woman with more balls than some of the toughest men I know. Monica gets a free pass into a circle of remarkable women that I have been fortunate to know and admire for their strength and courage.

    ‘Cell 22’ comes highly recommended. It’s about a young Australian woman who embarks on an extraordinary journey. She will inspire Australians of all ages. Monica has accomplished much while still being under the age of 40. She is an excellent writer, with well articulated accounts and recollections written in a conversational style. You have the impression that she is right there with you, just having a chat.

    I suggest buying two copies. One for yourself, and one as a gift for someone you believe has potential to be someone special.

  15. Avatar

    Thomas (verified owner)

    A woman of conviction with a big heart. Unparalleled courage. The pursuit of truth as a guide. A spiritual and initiatory quest. Personal integrity as an example for others. This book is all of that at once. The sincerity that Monica demonstrates throughout the book reflects the greatness of her Soul. The greatness of those who know that there is only one way to inspire others: by making their own life the material for experimenting with their convictions. A must read.

    • Avatar

      Monica Smit (verified owner)

      wow this is so kind! Thank you for your words. They mean a lot to me!

  16. Avatar

    Dermot O’Sullivan

    Interesting book by somebody who found themselves in the spotlight while never intending to be.
    Looking forward to the further adventures in Volume2, maybe on the Camino trip.

  17. Avatar

    Andy Anonymous (verified owner)

    I usually take weeks or months to get a through a book these days (google brain I suspect) but read Monica’s book in under a week. It was an understandably very honest and open account of her life so far. As someone who has been in the ‘truth’ community since before there was a truth community. I have nothing but admiration for the younger generation who have the courage and strength to stand toe to toe with the Goliaths of the current world and emerge victorious. Monica, thank you for your service and sacrifice, I don’t know how things are going to unfold over the next 10 years but I’m glad I’m on the side of quality people such as yourself.

  18. Avatar

    Dan Maiullo (verified owner)

    The first thing I did when I got the book in the mail was to put the FREEDOM sticker on my car.

    Here in the U.S. the lockdowns and George Floyd riots were bad, but it was absolutely horrifying to see what was happening in other countries, especially Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Some would joke about how Australia was originally established as a prison colony, and how it had returned to its roots. But of course, it was not a joke. In the U.S. we have a firmly entrenched tradition of flipping the authorities the bird. “Give me liberty or give me death” Patrick Henry, and “I regret that I have but one life to give for my country” Nathan Hale. I remember back when Australia gathered up all the guns and destroyed them, and many people here made the point that that was the reason the lockdowns here did not go as far as they did in Australia and elsewhere. I also remember trying to export dietary supplements to Australia back in the early ’90s and facing a brick wall worse than we faced in eastern Europe. It is long past time for Australians to declare their independence from illegitimate authority, and Monica Smit has already done more than her share. Without freedom you have nothing. If you comply in order to preserve your life, then you are already dead.

    With regard to the title of this review: I did not expect so much personal information. This book should be read by every teenager around the world, not just the girls. I think it is very important to recognize how differently boys and girls view sex, and how incredibly damaging early sexualization can be for both genders. (Hint: there are only two!)

    Not to diminish Monica’s experience in prison, which I am sure was much more difficult than she portrayed, but I am presently re reading Victor Herman’s book, “Coming Out of the Ice” about his experience in the Soviet gulag. I highly recommend it. It is out of print. If you can’t find a copy, my reading of the book is on Rumble at https: v33n13k coming out of the ice an unexpected life by victor herman.html This is not an advertisement. I get no financial reward from this effort just trying to share what I think is important information.

    Monica has been an inspiration for people around the world. It would be nice to see more people standing up to support her efforts. Watch “V for Vendetta”.

  19. Avatar

    Paulina (verified owner)

    Totally went above and beyond my expectations! Such a powerful, honest and captivating story! I literally couldn’t put it down and kept reading late into the night.
    There is everything in it; love, danger, bravery, pain, success and grief.
    I read many autobiographies in my life and not many left such a strong impression on me.
    One of the sentences that touched me: “Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do”.
    Every young lady should read this book.
    Thank you, Monica for your strength of character and your determination!

    • Avatar

      Monica Smit (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for your review! I was so nervous when it launched and it makes me very happy to know it’s not a boring read and has an impact 🙂

  20. Avatar

    Jim Twelves (verified owner)

    Cell 22, 22 days a Political Prisoner

    Monica’s first book, her biography, is like nothing I have ever read before. Most of it was written while in solitary, but she did start some of the early life chapters earlier, and they are now woven beautifully into the narrative. Her mother wrote the final chapter.
    I won’t give too much away, as I would love to entice you to get Cell 22 and read it for yourself. Rather I will give you a few of my own reflections having just completed Monica’s journey.

    One girl
    I have followed the story of Reignite Democracy Australia (RDA) from its start in the COVID era. Its aims and objectives strongly resonate with me. But stop, consider, how something like RDA was formed. It was the initiative of one girl, her family and friends. Remarkable! It was formed in a climate where the majority of the population rejected the idea and the authorities put the founder in prison for, as they said, incitement of others to protest against the government.
    I can’t think of a more hostile birthplace for a political movement. I leave you with this question. Does Monica’s courage, passion and conviction inspire you to ensure you don’t miss out on fulfilling your calling? Perhaps there is an inverse relationship between opposition and opportunity.

    Finding God
    Monica’s early life was not led by the Lord. Cell 22 tells her testimony in a wonderful way. It’s a testimony like no other! The result is that Monica has courage and strength from the Holy Spirit. I am sure that RDA would never have been birthed without the spiritual journey Monica undertook.
    I was so challenged by Monica’s prayers. Perhaps I would pray like Monica if I were in Cell 22! My challenges and struggles are a walk in the park in comparison, but that doesn’t mean my prayers should be any the less real.

    Confidence and purpose
    Isn’t it such a lie from the devil that says as Christians we should strive for humility. Yes, I agree, we should never be described as arrogant, but I believe we should be full of self confidence because of Christ living within us. If we lack self confidence; I believe we are denying Christ’s work in us.
    Monica’s discovery of self confidence was coupled with her self image and her self control when it came to her diet. If we, let ourselves go, what are we saying? We are denying that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
    Cell 22 draws a wonderful connection between confidence and the discovery of purpose. Perhaps its obvious to you but Monica’s testimony connects the two wonderfully.

    Progressive vision
    I am sure that the Lord never tells us our whole story ahead of time. If he did, I am sure that we would either crash with pride or we would be too scared to start.
    I think the Lord opens one door at a time. Its then up to us to have the confidence to walk through the first door with the faith that the Lord will not lead us off a cliff. No he won’t, he we will calmly prepare the next door for us.
    Monica’s flexibility with RDA is brilliant. The pressures of the COVID era are behind us now but Monica’s next adventure is yet to unfold! She does not give any hints what the next door might be, I guess she doesn’t know!

    • Avatar

      Monica Smit (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for your beautiful and in-depth review! There’s so much in there, it’s hard to respond to it. But I really apprecaite you writing this

  21. Avatar

    Adriana Reasner (verified owner)

    This book is so very well written. It tells in such a vulnerable, candid way an engaging story that left me eager to turn the page. It is a true story, shared with complete transparency that allows one to stand, sit and lie down with Monica in the cell 22 feeling the anguish and trials of isolation, injustice and abuse. Also, the side story of abuse was unexpected, yet powerfully helpful in recognizing the realities so sadly common in our families and society. Monica is power house of enthusiasm, energy and gutsy courage, tackling the injustices of the world. Monica is a testimony of the difference that one person can make. She proves that God uses the ordinary and even broken among us to do the amazing things that inspire, challenge and confront the evil in the world.

  22. Avatar


    I definitely agree with Topher Field that your book is so much more than I expected and you definitely stripped your soul to the bone. I’m sorry for everything that you’ve been through in your life, however, it’s made you the courageous, determined and strong person you are today. I’ve followed your journey since your early days of standing up for our right to make our own medical choices, and you’ve certainly come a long way. I’m sure the best is yet to come.

    I admire your brutal honesty and openness throughout your book. Even under pressure, you are respectful towards your oppressors and detractors and you always look for the positive side of every person and situation.

    It’s great to see that your family made a wise choice by moving to Queensland. Life’s better up here and Queenslanders are very different to the “southerners LoL”.

  23. Avatar

    Kathryn Gunn (verified owner)

    I received your book yesterday and spent all of today reading it. What a hero you are! I note your mum mentioned you completed high school by going back and completing year 12 at TAFE. Well done! I have a whole view on the schooling system to be shared for another time but maybe you actually missed the bullet and this is from someone who got into Medicine, did well but dropped out. I went onto greater things. Our universities these days are void of critical thinking.

    I still remember my first lecture in Medicine in 1988 where the lecturer predicted a time when a “vaccine” would create more issues than it solved. I am from Western Australia but originally from Melbourne. The nonsense that city endured was terrible. It broke my family in Melbourne and myself apart. In WA we had it easy thank God I didnt have to home school for two years two weeks was enough for me! McGowan was not too dissimilar to Dan Andrews but we had the Nullabour to protect us and didnt have to endure the lockdowns you endured. What I had to endure was three years without seeing my parents and a premier who insisted upon vaccination and hard borders

    I only got vaccinated as the pressure was relentless I still remember dragging myself across Claremont Showgrounds in December 2021 to get my second jab. Thank God I never gave it to my daughters. I ended up with shingles, monkey pox, a skin cancer at the site of injection and experienced acute ITP (a minor stoke). When I had COVID it was nothing but a cough for a few hours, what felt like a heart attack and then a third of my hair fell out.

    I know too many horror stories over the “vaccine” for it not to be true.

    Love to catch up at some stage and help you piece together all the other pieces. I spent 26 weeks overseas after I had COVID with my 8 year old unvaccinated in US, Europe, Israel, Hungary, Indonesia and Thailand. There is more to the story!

    BTW i too got arrested by the Victorian Police after threatening to hit a certain person over all the nonsense. At least I got a good shot of my shoes in the paddy wagon.

    As you said at the opening of your book compliments to Victoria Police and Dictator Dan thanks for the great story my character references in my court case reminded me of the same what a great dinner party story the interesting thing is neither McGowan or Andrews are anywhere to be seen and it has destroyed my family

  24. Avatar

    Chris Shute (verified owner)

    Monica sure did ” strip her soul to the bone and leave nothing left unsaid. ”
    Reading this book left me with the same feeling I had when I first heard 1920’s blues guitarist Blind Willie Johnson’s instrumental “Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground “(the music that “left the solar system ” in the Voyager. )….a feeling that it is like an honor that someone would let you hear something so deeply personal , a cathartic family release.
    Monica’s mum described it best when she said “Trust me,it was not the original intention ; it seems to have taken on a ‘life of it’s own’ ”

    It’s hard to even imagine the courage it must have taken to release this book. In Monica’s case ,not only is she a public figure ,and also high on the government’s list of people to watch ,but also the number one female probably anywhere in the world on the “cooker watcher” groups list of people to put down and take out of context. Like with Avi Yemini’s book there were publicly released very negative reviews well before the book was released , then when it was released , a huge number of 5 star reviews, ( all with verified purchase).

    • Avatar

      Monica Smit (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for your comment and the time and effort it took to write it. It was very dawnting to publish this. I got sick THE DAY of publishing and I think that was my body ‘letting go’ of all the trauma 🙂

  25. Avatar

    B K Critic

    Laudatory, 100 Stars

  26. Avatar

    Erika Salinger (verified owner)

    Monica, I am sorry for what you have had to go through for the sake of standing up for our basic human rights and freedoms. I am one of those quiet, fly under the radar types. I have been to a few protests and hated every minute of it: I intensely dislike being in the city, crowds, yelling, arguing, megaphones, chanting slogans etc. So, people like yourself, Morgan, Topher and so many others in the Freedom Movement are encouraging and inspiring me to learn to stand up for truth. It is hard, after over 60 years of conditioning to do what I was told, when I was told.
    I bought 5 of your books, to be able to pass them to others and to show my support and appreciation for your work.
    I really am grateful for your sharing of your abuse journey and the chapter your mother wrote. As an abused child, I was determined to protect my daughter, but her father was a paedophile and we continue to live with the repercussions. I hope your story prevents more children from being abused and empowers parents to protect their children. Thanks again Monica.

    • Avatar

      Monica Smit (verified owner)

      OH wow thank you for your contribution with this comment! I hope to meet you one day.

  27. Avatar

    David Turner (verified owner)

    Just finished Cell 22, enjoyed it a lot. Australia needs many more Monica Smits if we are to have any chance of saving our freedom. Our current federal government are anti freedom and followers of the World economic forum. If citizens fail to fight for their freedom it will be gone.
    I recommend you read Cell 22.

  28. Avatar

    Katy (verified owner)

    A simple honest story, told openly with the desire to help others.
    Bravery on so many levels, revealing a true freedom fighter with a divine calling on her life.
    I would recommend it to any Australian that has even the smallest amount of compassion for what our nation has suffered the last 3 years and also to all young women out there to not listen to the lies of society, but keep yourself proudly pure

  29. Avatar

    andrea (verified owner)

    really enjoying it, thanks Monica. It’s an easy to read slice of history…a history we all lived, with Monica taking the lead way out in front.

  30. Avatar

    Debra Yuille (verified owner)

    Both my husband and I were awed by Monicas raw honesty. Have just returned from a weekend in Melbourne and left our copy on the shelf in the Air B&B hoping a few people pick it up and learn a bit more about what really went on during the lockdowns and about issues that the average person never realises is actually happening.
    Great book Monica!! The ripples will impact more people in a positive way than you will ever realise. x

  31. Avatar

    Renata (verified owner)

    Easy reading. Made me chuckle a couple of times. I can see a movie, and more books coming up. .. Appreciate so much the Freedom Fighter that you have become. Monica. And yes, you have inspired me to not care what others think of my opinions.

  32. Avatar

    Melly (verified owner)

    I’ve followed your work throughout and wanted to buy it to show my support. I had expected a blow by blow account of your rise in the freedom movement and your time spent in prison. But this book is so much more than that. It is a story of transformation, a story of finding one’s purpose and a story of what it means to stand by your own truth no matter the consequences. It’s brave, raw and one of the most honest books I’ve read (and I read lots of books) Kudos to you Monica and keep fighting the good fight.

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      Monica (verified owner)

      THank you so much for this review 🙂

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    Monika Armstrong (verified owner)

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    Mel McKenna

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