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NEWS ALERT - Over one-hundred singing pilgrims invade St. George Street

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Pilgrims eagerly waiting to enter St Augustine after 115 Miles of walking and canoeing

On Sunday 28th April, St. Augustine was set upon by over 100 pilgrims who had walked and canoed 115 Miles all the way from Sanford, Florida. This event is organised by St. Thomas More church in Sanford. The pilgrims were of all ages and from many different States. 

This pilgrimage happens every year in the week following Easter and has been running for 7 years already. It was created to honor Florida’s Martyrs and to make better known the sacred places of St. Augustine.

On September 8, 1565, Pedro Menendez de Aviles landed on this land, the first cross was planted and the first Mass was celebrated. The Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche erected in the early 1600s is the oldest Shrine to Mary in the whole United States. This and the numerous martyrs makes St. Augustine one of the most significant pieces of American Catholic history.

Many pilgrims attend because they have personal intentions or prayers they wish to be answered. Our Lady of La Leche, famous for helping couples to conceive, attracts many couples to walk every step for that intention.

The significance of St. Augustine in American history is important to all Americans. The idea that over 100 pilgrims travel 115 Miles to come to this exact spot is notable and something worth understanding.

I guess we’ll see them again next year.

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