• Monica Smit

Why is New Mexico called the land of enchantment?

I knew literally nothing about New Mexico except that it’s located on the Mexican border and probably looks a bit like a desert. When I saw this sign saying that New Mexico is enchanting, I set up a mental-challenge for this state to prove that to me. Honestly, I didn’t think it would…until it did!

The things that make this place unique is the culture and the rock formations. We’ve all seen mountains and rocks before, we’ve all seen bushes and forests before…but we haven’t all seen amazingly coloured rocks that form into unique and interesting shapes. It makes you wonder how it happened, why it happened and just how incredibly diverse nature is. I’ve travelled a lot, but I’ve NEVER seen rock formations like this. As a world traveling, you sometimes think you’ve seen it all…but that’s a trap, it’s not true. You could never see it all!

I will be traveling through Utah and Arizona, so I know I’ll see a lot more like this, but this is my first exposure to this type of scenery. It makes me even more excited to keep road tripping to find more!

I am staying with a very hospitable and friendly couple in Albuquerque and the husband loves to hike, just like I do. He planned a full day of activities for me and boy am I glad I met him; I wouldn’t have seen all this if I was alone. If you ever travel like this, remember to always ask the locals what to do and where to go, they know more than google does, trust me.

Here’s a video of our day of adventures. My brain is tired with all these new views :-)

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