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30th March - Why the heck am I still road-tripping USA after 11 months?

Updated: May 6, 2019

It’s now almost my 11th month on the road in a minivan with a bed. It’s NOT an RV, it’s literally just a car with a bed in it. That alone makes for great stories :-) 

I’m currently in Jacksonville, Florida and will be making my way West soon. 

I didn’t have the inspiration to start writing a blog diary until now, which is kind of a shame but hey…better late than never :-)

Here is a brief recap of the last 11 months;

I’m a 30-year-old, single female from Australia. I got lucky enough to have the financial means and passion to travel for a few years. I use the word ‘lucky’ but I don't actually believe in luck. What I really mean is that God made this happen for me. He wants me to learn something or meet someone important. I literally feel like a 'puppet on strings', I didn't plan any of this. He knew I’d use this opportunity to gain inspiration and knowledge that would eventually be used to help others…I believe that’s why He made this possible for me to do.


It all started when I came to Vancouver, Canada with my Mum to visit my dying Grandma. My return ticket was booked for 2 months. We starting look to buy a car because rentals are too expensive and then everything changed. I stumbled upon a van with a bed in the back. My exact words to my Mum were, "well...I'm not coming home anytime soon now".

I drove all the way from Vancouver to Newfoundland. I crossed into America at the Maine crossing and drove ​​down to Florida. During the USA winter, I flew to Guatemala and went to Honduras and Ecuador.

I’m on an extended vacation…I don’t have a 9-5 job and I can literally go and do whatever I want…it’s a pretty 'sweet deal'. However, for me, it means a lot more than just freedom. This whole trip is an investment in my life-experiences to give me more wisdom to share with others. I have fun along the way of course...I get to see new sceneries and have different experiences, but most of my week is actually spent at the computer writing and editing.

I purposely put myself out of my ‘comfort zone’ because that’s where the most learning is done. I wholeheartedly trust my instincts, which I would say is God’s way of talking to me. He tells me where to drive, what to do and who to spend time with. I meditate (pray) every time I have to make a decision, I’m still alive so it must be working :-) 

It’s incredible how strong your communication with your gut (God/instincts) gets the more control you give it. I believe intuition is like a muscle…the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. 

The other week someone referred to me as a ‘pilgrim’, and it resonated with me. The whole purpose of this trip is to give my mind and soul ‘space’ to realise it's potential, to find it's purpose and talents. I’m not smarter or better than anyone else, but I am single, passionate and financially able to take this time off. It has nothing to do with my abilities, and everything to do with my circumstances.

Along my trip, I’ve been realising a new talent of mine… doing interviews and making videos. My outgoing ​​personality coupled with my professional sales experience ​​helps me get and create content that ‘grabs’ people’s attention and has a ‘humanistic-feel’ to it. So far, I’ve done travel-style videos and promo videos for venues and businesses. I’ve done journalism-style work on Hurricane Michael in Florida and covered Catholic pilgrimages in Quebec and Ecuador. I’m pretty much open to any project as long as it’ll help promote something worthwhile or inspirational.

Currently I’m in Jacksonville, Florida hoping to do a video about a program that has saved lives during the Opioid crisis they are currently facing. This video will be sent to other State-Governments who will hopefully consider implementing the program. It’s been proven to work so far here in Jacksonville. Projects like this are what ‘feeds my soul’. Not only will I get to meet wise and inspirational people, but I’ll get to ‘soak’ up the things they say to me. After learning about things like this, your life and prospective is changed forever and it’s these types of experiences I search for. 

The great thing about starting this weekly diary is that I’ll

be able to put all my experiences, lessons and funny stories in one place and it’ll be there when I’m too old to remember things haha :-)

I will also be visiting Traditional Catholic churches along my route from East to West. I’ll be sure to share things I learn and see in these communities I visit. 

If you have any ideas on videos I could produce or inspirational people or stories I could capture, please contact me. I’m open to any suggestion. 

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