• Monica Smit

A plea from a misunderstood Christian

The difference between a Devout Christian and someone who claims to be Christian has been confused in today’s society. 

A devout Christian is not someone who is just baptised and uses the title of Christianity.

A devout Christian is someone who has vowed to uphold the 10 commandments at any cost.z

A devout Christian is a good person, neighbour and friend.

A devout Christian strives to be a better person every day.

A devout Christian makes mistakes, but a devout Christian must try to make amends for their wrongdoings.

A devout Christian is Charitable, kind, and selfless.

A devout Christian is NOT an alt right fascist. 

A devout Christian loves every human being no matter what they do or what colour they are. 

A devout Christian loves the criminal, not the crime…they love the murderer, not the murder…they love the human being no matter what they do. 

Some Christians are alt right fascists, some Christians are racist, some Christians are white supremacies…but they are not DEVOUT CHRISTIANS. 

They are going against their faith, against God and against the bible. 

They are not the rule, they are the exception. 

People offend us…no one cares. 

People dress up as slutty nuns or pimp priests….no one cares.

People blaspheme around us…no one cares.

But we care!!! 

We are the easiest targets of today’s culture because we do not fight back. We will never take someone to court for offending us, that wouldn’t be a Christian thing to do.

Christianity teaches us to let things go, to walk away and pray for our enemy. 

Christianity is arguable the most persecuted religion in the world right now. Rarely do we see it portrayed in mainstream media. Our brothers and sisters are dying all over the world and hardly anyone seems to know.

Life is not always easy for a devout Christian.

Around every corner is something or someone who will test our faith. 

On every channel and screen there are people depicting grave sins that offend our Lord.

Everywhere we look, everywhere we go…we are tested. 

Some fall and some become stronger. 

God gives us strength and resilience against the hatred and misunderstandings we face every day.

A devout Christian goes to church every week, 

Prays every day,

Every decision, every minute of every day is centred around their faith,

We do things like;


All night adorations, 

Long mass services,


A devout Christians will sacrifice for the benefit of others, not themselves.

They pray for the world to have peace and order. 

They pray for poverty and abuses to cease.

You would think anyone who dedicates so much time and effort for a greater-good should be respected and perhaps even admired? 

People are so quick to say that our priests are all paedophiles. 

This is not true. It’s a huge generalisation that is completely unfair. 

It would be like us saying all Muslims are terrorist…it’s not true and it’s not fair.  

There are so many inspirational priests who have given their life up to serve God and to serve humanity. Don’t forget the great priests we have just because the few bad ones got the most media attention.

If you are a non-Christian, next time you come into contact with a Christian…give them the benefit of the doubt. Ask them questions instead of assuming. If they are a devout Christian, you can safely assume that their intentions will always good. Devout Christians make mistakes, like any human being, but a devout Christian will be the first to try and make it up to you. Please don’t judge us ALL based on the wrongdoings of a few. We will be the first to help you, to love you, to assist you and to be your shoulder to cry on. 

Devout Christians love you…no matter what!!! 

If you are a Christian, be PROUD of your faith. Don’t be distracted by what other people say. The only thing you should worry about is your relationship with God. You are doing good things, you are making a difference. I know you make sacrifices to be a devout Christian. It is worth it, and you will be rewarded.

Hold your head high up to the Him and continue to be a devout Christian. 

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