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2020 Quito pilgrimage is coming...

Registrations are now open - https://www.quitopilgrimage.com/

Last February, I attended a pilgrimage in Ecuador to honour of Our Lady Buen Suceso (Good Success). I am now a lifetime advocate of this event. It’s unique to any other pilgrimage I’ve attended.

Our Lady, in this apparition, is talking to US, to THIS generation and to our future leaders. Being a part of this event feels so relevant and important. It’s not only about doing penance for your intentions; it’s about learning how to fight for tradition and repel heresy and evil within our ranks. With what’s going on in The Vatican right now, it’s crystal clear that “the smoke of Satan has entered the church” (Pope Paul IV, June 1972). It’s up to us, with the help of Our Lady, to blow the smoke back where it belongs.

The statue of Our Lady of Buen Suceso is an exact replica of her bodily appearance during the apparitions. Her face was miraculously painted by angels overnight, this is an approved miracle. It’s clear for anyone to see that the statue has a unique beauty. For the whole 9 days of the pilgrimage, I admired her beauty but I didn’t feel mesmerised by her. On the 10th day, when they took her away, the emotions were so strong I began to cry. I was sad to see her go. I regretted not appreciating her presence while I could. Humanity is always like that isn’t it. I learnt my lesson, if I go again, I will savour every moment with her.

Of the many pilgrimages I’ve attended, this one is unique for many reasons;

- The apparitions are about THIS TIME, OUR TIME…RIGHT NOW! It’s completely relevant.

- It’s especially important for our future leaders to attend this pilgrimage. I had an overwhelming feeling of responsibility after learning about these apparitions. I knew She was talking to ME, to my generation. Try your hardest to bring along, or sponsor, as many young-adults as possible.

- Quito has the most churches, monasteries and convents in close proximity to each other, then anywhere else in the world. You’ll be in awe of the beauty and catholic atmosphere there.

- This pilgrimage isn’t a physically difficult one in terms of lengthy hikes. It’s difficult in terms of sleep-deprivation because of the 4am wake-up. It’s doable for any age and fitness level as long as you rest whenever you can.

- Every morning you will visit a different convent or monastery and pray the novena with them. This is a great way to share our tradition with them. We sing in Spanish, which I’m sure they appreciate.

Here are some practical tips I have;

- If you haven’t booked your flights yet, I highly suggest you arrive one day early and even leave one day after. It will give you time to rest and recuperate.

- It’s cold in the mornings and the evenings. Quito is 3,000kms above sea level which means it’s cooler than most places in South America. Sometimes in the afternoon it will be sunny and warm, but be prepared with layers and jackets. Ladies, I suggest bringing tights or leggings for under your skirts…you’ll thank me for that tip 😊

- If you can squeeze in a nap, do it! You can easily be caught up having dinner and socialising till late in the evening and then regretting it. Force yourself to rest or it will be much more difficult than it needs to be.

- If you don’t want to buy anything from a street vendor, don’t make eye contact with them or they’ll ‘trap’ you.

- If you want to be charitable and give money away, set aside a daily limit and pray that you give it to the right person who really needs it. Don’t go over your limit or the people will happily bankrupt you.

- SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY is a huge topic here! I could take up the whole article talking about that so I’ll just put a link here to an article I’ve already written specifically about safety in Quito - https://www.monicasmit.com/post/quito-a-pious-yet-mischievous-city-be-aware

This video gives you an idea of the pilgriamge and why it's important to support it;

This link will take you to 2 more short videos I've done about the pilgrimage - https://www.monicasmit.com/post/quito-pilgrimage-to-our-lady-of-buen-suceso-2019-videos-1-3

If you want to register to attend this event here is the link to the official registration page – https://www.quitopilgrimage.com/

Here is a link to some videos made by Vox Catholica, which includes some confrences from the 2019 event – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaF92Qk_CMGhVKLv3wyVzyw

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