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2008 Kia Sedona road trip car FOR SALE

Meet Stella.

She’s been my home for over 1 year through Canada and USA.

She brought me everywhere I wanted to go, kept me warm and showed me things I never thought I’d see.

She has given me new experiences I will never forget; she’s shown me the way and kept me safe.

Stella is a Kia Sedona minivan and is 11 years old. She’s not your average minivan, she’s a vessel of opportunity, adventure, growth and experience. She isn’t just a motor, wheels and windows…she’s a chance for you to embark on a life-changing adventure that will give you a whole new perspective on life.

I met her in Vancouver, Canada on a sunny day in July last year, we had an instant connection. I sensed her adventurous spirit right away and knew we’d do so many amazing things together. She’s taken me all the way East to Newfoundland, South to Florida, then West to California and North to Washington state. We’ve seen most of Northern America together. She’s taken me to dozens of national parks and introduced me to people that changed my life.

I have looked after her very well and have proof of every penny I’ve spent on her. She been regularly serviced every 5,000kms, along with new back tires and a new battery. I keep her clean and treat her with care. She has mostly been taken on highways and freeways, so her mileage was ‘easy-going’.

She has been my home, my transport and my means to everything over the last year…I treated her with respect and love. Without her, none of this would have been possible.

It’s time for me and Stella to part ways. My time abroad has come to an end and I need to let her go to someone else so she can help show them this amazing part of the world. I want to take her home with me, but that’s impossible. It’s time for me to let her go. I want her to be taken on more adventures, she’s got plenty of energy left in her.

Her new friend is idealy someone who wants to travel without paying ridiculous prices at motels or renting cars. Someone who loves to explore in the countryside and marvel at the views along with drive. Someone who wants to pull over every once in a while, pop the truck and lay down on a bed and enjoy the sound of the waves crashing or the wind howling.

I am leaving town in about 4 weeks and need her handed over to a new friend by then. I’m currently in Northern California and plan to end my travels in Kansas somewhere. It would be ideal if you could meet me there to take her. Otherwise, we can try to arrange something that works for both of us.

Ok, enough jokes. You can see all the things included in the pics here. I have all the equipment you need to start your journey. I lived this ‘vanlife’ for over a year, so I can give you tips and tricks. I’ll also give you a planet fitness membership which is what I’ve been using to shower and even work out sometimes. They are open 24 hours so It’s also been safe to sleep in their parking lots. I don’t pay for campgrounds ever, I always find a safe carpark to park in.

Phone number - 929 343 7990

Email - monicamsmit@gmail.com

Here is a short film showing everything thats included;

Here is a longer film if you are interested in more details;

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