Monica Smit VS Vicpol

This is the FIRST case of it’s kind. Finally, we are the plaintifs!!! I’m nervous and excited…

Watch the video below. Read this article and you’ll know all about it.

“I’m going all the way to trial so it’s on the public record forever. It’s not about me getting justice for myself, it’s for everyone who deserved to be heard but didn’t have the resources or lifestyle to. I hope this will be the people’s case, not just Monica Smit’s case.”
The last sentence in the video is...”With you by my side, and God by my side…what could go wrong?” and I mean that 100%. No matter what the outcome is…we can’t lose if we have genuine intentions and truth on our side.

See you July 23rd – event details

How to get involved;

  1. Come to the court case and let’s make this OUR trial, not just mine.
  2. Pray for me please.
  3. Subscribe if you want to be updated on the progress of the trial. There’s another trial coming…regarding the 22 days I spent in prison for no reason.