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Quintesse™ bracelets combine EMF protection with the healing qualities of crystals in an elegant, wearable design.

What’s not to love about the gorgeous Quintesse range of crystal bracelets? Our latest jewellery range looks and feels beautiful while providing the combined benefits of quartz crystals and EMF protection.

Locally designed and handcrafted, our Quintesse bracelets are energised using the Orgone Effects® infusion process. This creates a harmonising field of negative charge for up to 8 meters around the body and neutralises the effects of over 30 harmful, noxious energies.

Available in three exquisite unique crystal combinations, Quintesse bracelets make the perfect gift for a loved one.

  1. Clarity: amethyst and lavender amethyst
  2. Peace: rose quartz, strawberry quartz and angelite
  3. Balance: strawberry quartz, rose quartz and aventurine

Amethyst: Tap into the high vibrational energy of amethyst, which stimulates the third eye, crown, and etheric chakras. Supports physical, emotional, and spiritual balance, and acts as a barrier against lower energies, psychic attacks, geopathic stress, and unhealthy attachments. The newest addition to our Violet Flame range.

Rose Quartz: Benefit from the divine feminine energy of compassion, peace and unconditional love. Rose quartz brings heart-centred alignment and connects to the angelic realm. Helps with trauma and emotional wounds, and releases low vibrational energies, such as fear, and resentment.

Strawberry Quartz: Experience the grounding effects of this rare gemstone, known for soothing the soul. Resonating with the heart chakra, strawberry quartz promotes feelings of calm, ​​love, and compassion. Alleviates stress and anxiety, and helps to restore emotional balance.

Green Aventurine: A stone that attracts happiness, positivity, and abundance. The divine guidance of green aventurine inspires creativity and encourages clarity and wisdom. Supports manifestation and calls in possibilities, hopes, and dreams by assisting with flow and alignment.

Angelite: A nurturing gemstone that activates the throat, third eye, and crown chakras. Used for emotional centering and spiritual alignment, Angelite quiets the mind to release feelings of overwhelm. This rare stone clears negative energy and has many benefits for body, mind, and spirit.

How the Quintesse bracelets work

Quintesse bracelets are handmade by a local jewellery designer and then energised using our unique Orgonium® infusion process. Each bracelet is negatively charged to provide continuous EMF protection for the wearer.

The Orgonium® infusion helps to maintain a healthy and balanced meridian system by providing the best protection from any surrounding EMFs. Its supportive and strengthening effects often increase energy levels.


  • Natural quartz crystals with unique colours and healing properties.
  • Handmade in Australia with love and intention by Love Anandi and infused with Orgone Effects Australia’s unique Orgonium® infusion process
  • Strung on durable jewellery elastic with 14k gold-filled hardware
  • Suitable for EMF-sensitive individuals and those who suffer from other EMF and chemical sensitivity
  • Harmonises over 30 different sources of noxious EMF fields, including radiation caused by 5G
  • Neutralises earth radiation, human-generated bioplasmic radiation, and solar and planetary energy imprints that may silently affect wellbeing.
  • Created with over 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience
  • Clinically tested and proven for effectiveness by accredited health professionals worldwide
  • As these are made from natural stone crystals there may be minor variations in colour
  • As these are handmade there may be minor variations in size

Are there different sizes in the Quintesse bracelet? As these bracelets are handmade there may be minor variations in the size. The bracelet is strung on durable jewellery elastic.

How does the Quintesse bracelet protect a person? How does it work? The bracelet undergoes a frequency infusion process which gives it negative charge frequency.
What part of the Quintesse bracelet provides EMF protection? The whole bracelet is infused for EMF protection.
Can you please explain how the Quintesse bracelet works? How is it different (if it is) from any other bracelet? The Quintesse bracelets have undergone an infusion process which gives them their negative charge frequency.  All of our bracelets are infused for EMF protection.
What is the difference between the Stellar Pendants and Quintesse range? The Quintesse range is just as effective as the Stellar Pendants.
Does the Quintesse bracelet provide just as effective protection as the Geoclense plug-in, so wearing it in a place without the Geoclense plugged in will be just as effective? No. The Geoclense has a balancing effect over the entire building whereas the bracelet is for personal protection around the body.

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